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Skyship experience proves that it's easy to start your blimp business when you get professional help and knowhow. We at skyshipblimps have all the experience needed and we are ready to shear it with you.

Our team includes all aspects such as: operating procedures, marketing, maintenance, development, and much more….  
We will help you to choose the right blimp, we will teach your people how to fly the blimp, how to find customers, where to advertise…..we will save you a lot of time and money!!! 

We are doing our best to help our business partners with our overseas connections. 

All you have to do is call: +972-54-6456007 or send us mail: contact us

What you get?

- Blimp package
- Spare parts 
- Business plan 
- Accompanying mentor at ground with you for few days 
- Accompanying mentor assist you with all managing issues related to the blimp business. 
- Management files suitable to blimp business operation, from cash flow to operating cost. 
- You can use our name skyship "your country"…. (choose your domain) 

Price is subjected to blimp size, your location and visit duration.

Call now for all options!!!


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