Micro RC Indoor Blimp

All our blimps are made in Israel, you will never get better than this blimp ever !

Skyship 3 is a micro RC indoor blimp 3 meter long suitable for small arenas up to 5000 seats.
This blimp provides long flight time, 1-2 hours. Very easy to inflate, ready for flight in less than 30 min. Can be operated by 1 person only.


  • Urethane envelop made in Israel
  • 2.1 cubic meter helium
  • Banner area: 170 cm long 70 cm height
  • Up to 0.4 kg pay load
  • Carbon Fiber Gondola
  • Winch servo allowed 280º motor rotation
  • Spectrum DX6 6 CH Radio 2.4 GH with internal telemetry system
  • Carbon framed Depron tail fins with quick attach connections
  • Motorized lower fin
  • Protective shroud screens (allows flight over crowd)
  • Quick connectors applied to all components, including spares
  • 3 phase brushless powerful motors
  • Ultra-bright RGB led lights. (Can be controlled from your smartphone)
  • Prize drop system
  • Spare part kit.
  • Vinyl art can be applied and can be changed easily
  • 1 year warranty





Carrying case

Here is what you get

  • Urethane envelop made in Israel.
  • Internal wire harness for rear fins, emergency helium valve (outdoor) gondola connections and Quick release connectors for all rear fins.
  • 1 set of 3 Carbon fiber framed Top and side fins (you can choose your color)
  • 2 motorized rear fins (1 spear).
  • Internal RGB LED lights controlled from your smartphone.
  • Banner Anchors, top and bottom.
  • Spektrum 2.4 ghz 6 channel Radio Control system with telemetry.
  • Molded Carbon Fiber Gondola with internal prize drop system.
  • Molded Carbon Fiber shrouds with special net. (allows flight over crowd)
  • Twin powerful Brushless motors with 280º rotation.
  • 2 lithium polymer battery (match to your blimp size) + power supply + digital
  • multiport charger and balancer.
  •  2 holding ropes with quick attach for front and rear.
  • Spare Parts kit:  (front motor, 2 front speed controllers 1 rear programed
  • speed controller, Propellers front and rear, net for Shroud, Repair kit.
  • Flight Instruction
  • 1 year Warranty  24/7 customer support.

 Price - 3900$

Price not include shipping charges

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