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we use PolyesterUrethane (Urethane), the best material for  blimps.

for indoor models, 2-3 business days after deposit and  Up to 10 business days for outdoor models.

we have in stock 3, 3.5, 4 meters. We can do other sizes as your request.

we only use molded carbon fiber gondola produced in our facility  Located in Israel 15 min from Ben Gurion international airport.

depend on the blimp size and volume of helium (each cubic  meter of helium can lift 1 kg). Approximately from 200 gr for  the 3 meter blimp up to 2.5 kg for the 6-meter outdoor blimp.

it very much depends on whether (outdoor) payload, size etc. 45  min up to 75 min is an average. It takes less than a minute to change  a battery. Max payload will result in reduced run time

The bottom tail fin is equipped with a brushless motor to have more  control of turning the blimp

All parts such as the gondola, fins, electric harness, motor  mounts, Shrouds etc, are made in our facility located in Israel 15 min from Ben Gurion international airport. The blimp itself is  made in a military grade factory in Israel. The PolyesterUrethane is made in the USA to meet our special requirements. 
Electric components such as ESC, batteries, motors, props, carbon roads etc are sourced from USA, Europe, Australia and Asia

skyship Israel Ltd is licensed by the Israel civilian aviation authority  CAAI. All our operation is monitored and inspected by the CAAI.

yes, our outdoor models designed to fly with wind up to 25 km/h.

sure, we divide the program into indoor and outdoor. you can come  over to have the training program or we can come to you and make  it in your place.

our blimps designed for less than 30 min to be ready to fly. Everything is plug and play. Including all spear parts.

our blimps designed for less than 60 min to be ready to fly.  Everything is plug and play. Including all spear parts.

yes, this is our biggest advantage. We can supply you whatever  needed to run a successful blimp business such as: 
Accompanying mentor on the ground with you for few days 
Accompanying mentor assists you with all managing issues related to the blimp business. 
Management files suitable to blimp business operation, from cash flow to operating cost. 
You can use our name skyship your country…. 
Our experience proves that it's easy to open your blimp business when you get professional know-how. 
We at skyshipblimps have all the experience needed. We will be happy to shear it with you‏.

yes, all our models equipped with RGB LEDs that can be controlled  from your smartphone.

To find a leak you can use the internal led lights or put a strong light  behind the envelope while turning all outside lights off. You will see  the light through the blimp.
Repair instruction

we use a special tape for it that we will include in your purchase.
Repair instruction

indoor blimps are very easy to learn. Few days with  an instructor will be enough to learn the basics. Of course, you will need to practice to get better and fly your blimp at events over crowd. An outdoor blimp is more complicated because of the wind. We recommend starting with indoor before you go to outdoor. Israel required a UAV pilot licensed for the outdoor blimp that will be issued after the theoretical and practical test conducted by a CAAI inspector. All our pilots are certificated by CAAI.

YES, all our blimps can carry banners, we use a very lightweight  Material that can be printed. We strongly recommend using vinyl stickers that you can cut yourself with a cutting plotter. It will save you a lot of time and money if you have more than 1 blimp.

Yes, we have few options for that. Skyship mechanism for prize drop  is state of the art. You can drop 1 item like a t-shirt or a bulk of flyers at the same time and its included with all our Blimps.

we use Spectrum DX6 2.4 GHz with telemetry for the indoor blimps  (6 channels) Allows real-time in-flight monitoring of batteries. For outdoor blimps, we use Spectrum DX8 2.4 GHz with telemetry (8 channels) Allows real-time in-flight monitoring of batteries. Allows independent control of elevators and rudder.

we use lipo battery and we supply you the first 2 batteries together  with a special charging box including fast 4 terminals digital charger  and power supply.

the warranty period is 1 year. It will cover all components for  Malfunctioning that supplied by skyship.

Credit cards, Wire transfer, Cash or Paypal.