About us

Skyshipblimps.com, a division of Skyship Israel LTD, the #1 blimp manufacturer and aerial advertising company in Israel, offers state of the art blimp packages powered by real experience and the latest in aerial technology.

After logging more then 9000 flight hours for Israel’s top companies and sports
teams including the Israel Basketball Association, Euroleague and Eurocup, the Skyship team packaged their knowhow into the design of RC Indoor / Outdoor blimps and tethered balloons complete with LTA (lighter than air) technology.

Skyship blimps are equipped with RGB LED lights, a prize drop  
system, public WIFI router and full HD camera for video, still and live HD digital streaming. Sizing from 3 to 6 meters.

Skyship blimps are designed for professional sport venues like  
basketball and ice hockey arenas as well as shopping malls and other indoor/outdoor events.

Skyship is licensed and operates under the Israel Civil Aviation  
Authority (CAAI). Our blimps are authorized to fly over crowds. 

Skyship is certified to operate in the Euroleague 
and the Eurocup.

All blimp operators receive training overseen by the CAAI and 
Skyship LTD.

The team behind the scenes 

Mr. Erez Ziv – Co-founder and CEO

Licensed Pilot, Blimp Instructor and Serial Entrepreneur
Born in 1965, Erez has launched 38 restaurants across the globe, but flying was always his jam. With 4000+ flight hours logged to date, he saw an opportunity to create high quality, state of the art blimps backed by Israeli aviation technology.

Mr. Maty Ravinovich – Chief Aviation Officer

Expert Pilot, Licensed UAV Instructor and Quality Control Manager
Born in 1982, Maty’s impressive career in aviation covers 20 years as a commercial, UAV (indoor/outdoor) and Israel Air force pilot.

Mr. Saar Ziv – Operations Manager  

Licensed blimp pilot and future aviation engineer
Born in 1996, Saar just concluded his obligatory military service in Intelligence and has started a degree in aviation engineering from Israel’s prestigious Technion. Saar is a seasoned blimp pilot and instructor for indoor and outdoor sport events with 4 years logged to date.

Mr. David Ashkenazi

Indoor Blimp Training Lead
Born in 1979, David is a trained drone specialist with 10 years flying UAVs for the Israeli Airforce and 4.5 years flying Skyship blimps.

Mr. Liam Rosenberg 

Digital Media and Community Manager
Born in 2000, Liam is an artist, photographer as well as digital first, socially fluid Gen Zer. He manages all digital media and social channels for the company.

Mr. Shlomi Abaio - outdoor tethered blimp expert, Maintenance and production manager.

Maintenance and Production Manager
Born in 1959, Shlomi overseas production of Skyship’s new military grade blimps and tunes up the existing fleet. Outdoor tethered blimps are his domain expertise.